Our vision and our Mission

The world is on the move!

Internationally Educated Professionals need to be able to function with excellence in an English speaking global business world. 

KIOSK created the CSP program for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) clients specifically to address professional development and workplace integration challenges faced by Internationally Educated Professionals.

Necessary Skills

CSP is a live, online interactive approach to effective, measured learning, focusing on developing high level applied skills:

◦Cross-functional Professional Communications 

◦International Business Culture

◦Professional Development

design and delivery

CSP programs  measure progress and design content using the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs) matrix to maintain international standards:

  • Interactive technologies
  • Led by experienced trainers
  • Individual and groups (maximum 8 participants)

Experience and Selected Partners List

CSP developed by IVEK/KIOSK for Internationally Educated Professionals, sponsored by Citizenship and Immigration Canada:

Delivered to CGA Ontario, CICS, CAF, Micro Skills

Financial sector Clients include: CIBC , Mintz & Partners, AEGON, CPP Board, Manulife

IT sector: ICTC, Platform Computing, Moneris, Vistion (Client relations)                                               

Industrial: Magna, Ford, Johnson-Ortho, (QC issues), Toronto Airport