our projects

We have offered the CSP program as described on a number of occasions and with great success. We will continue to offer it in the same way. We are however in the early stages of planning a huge project with resources we will offer under the auspices of the Scottish Qualifications Authority We will add our program as referenced in our Services and other pages to Courses, Certificates, and Diplomas aligned to a college/university grid. We will offer that new program, once it is ready, in two contexts.

We have done a pilot project with a Mexican university partner in which we have taken our ESL resources in combination with Scottish Qualification (SQA) business programs into the university business and management department. Under the authority of the Mexican government, our contribution allowed the university to offer English language programming in a Spanish speaking university for full degree credit.

Following the pilot project, the program was introduced to international gatherings of Spanish language educators, and received sound approval.

We will be building resources and a plan so as to proceed with what seems to be a very interesting development across Latin America.

A rough translation of the report from one of these gatherings reads in part:

“Showed interest in this program will be extended not only to Mexicans but all Latinos. With them we will begin the pilot Business English program. In this case, our partnership with IVEK helps present a strong image of professionalism. Said chamber houses hundreds of prestigious companies. It will focus on the entrepreneurs themselves and their families and their staff. I believe that the experience IVEK at this point will be of great benefit to both institutions.” 

In an earlier proposed partnership with a Scottish company, IVEK shared in the development of a plan to support migrant workers. It is more likely that IVEK will further this plan on our own, with the help and support of a colleague in Scotland. 

Our original proposal started like this:

It is proposed that IVEK (Canada) and ________ (UK) together design and deliver a mobile learning system which will have the following goals:

  1. Allow users to develop initial skills in the English Language
  2. Allow more experienced users to develop skills in business English
  3. Introduce users to the requirements of being a citizen in European countries
  4. Introduce users to the mores and methodologies of doing business in a European Context
  5. For all users to acquire European qualifications in the areas of:
    1. Business
    2. Leadership
    3. Management
  6. All learning to be accessible by smart phone, and capable of interoperating with local learning centres across all migration pathways.