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sample content - Benchmarks 6,7

Canadian Language Benchmarks Level 6, 7:

Communication Skills/ Business Culture

Presentations: Structure of a Clear Presentation, Presenting Complex/Technical Information

Meetings: Participation Strategies and Guidelines

Negotiations: Language for Accepting, Confirming or Rejecting Proposals

Business Writing and Relaying Information

Workplace Culture: Small Talk, Socializing with Colleagues, Formality vs. Informality

sample content - benchmarks 8, 9+

Canadian Language Benchmarks Level 8, 9+:

Communication Skills/Business Culture

Presentations: Application of “Monroe’s Sequence” for Successful and Appropriate Persuasion

Meetings: Chairing, Building Consensus

Negotiations: Planning a Negotiation

Business Writing: Preparing an Executive Summary

Workplace Culture: Effective Team Player, Networking as a Career Management Strategy, Diversity Issues

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